TO WIN $100 000!

Bring your InsurTech ideas to life!

Do you have a team or innovative startup? Then turn your idea into cash and win $100 000, one year of free office space and professional coaching!


Openness to be entrepreneurial and build a business in a team of one or more persons.

Idea, business case, MVP or prototype based on blockchain technology for insurance.

You should be the sole owner of your work/idea/IP.

Willingness to accept support and to learn.

International mindset plus a passion for growth and scaling.

Willingness to establish a foothold in Zug.


1. Team
2. Market fit and potential
3. Quality of MVP/prototype/business case deck

See CRITERIA below for more on what to expect after applying.


Participants can submit applications in the pre-defined format by 22 September 2017.

The jury will review all submissions and then issue invitations to the shortlisted candidates.


September: Nomination of the top 20 for an interview

October: Interview and nomination top 10

November 22, 2017: Presentations from finalists and announcement of winners